Maximize Your Earnings With
Our Full Page Pop Under Technology!

Infinityads offers the best popunder advertising to help you earn more from your traffic than any other publisher ad networks. We specialize in monetizing popunder traffic by providing you full page popunder advertisements that ensures you profit from every view.


The InfinityAds Advertising Network is recognized as developing superior technologies by our experienced technical professionals in the Internet Marketing industry. We are working on building the most advanced, mature technologies and combining the latest innovation of high tech features to our quality advertising services.
Our goal is to deliver your advertising campaigns and help you accomplish your objectives. We can also help you surpass them by optimizing your campaign with our innovative technologies to prove the true value of your investment.
By investing continued time and efforts into our technologies, we can ensure the quality and effectiveness of our traffic. Our system features, targeting technologies, and optimization solutions are applicable to all of our services with the purpose of increasing the value and performance of your advertising campaigns.
Live Stats
Observing the real-time delivery of your campaign to assist you in making fast and accurate decisions. You are provided with instant statistics and a daily report at the control panel.
We offer more than 50 countries with the choice of consolidating Languages and/or targeting Categories. Geo-targeting Technology can concentrate your delivery to your potential customers of specific countries and utilize the cost of your campaign.
Language Targeting
Targeting your campaign by audiences’ language preferences enable you to reach your best responding market. Your advertisement will only deliver to the audiences who can speak the language that your website is written in.
Time Target Feature
You are able to select a specific time to deliver your advertisement, in turn enabling yourself to receive the best conversions. Our system offers Time Target management for each campaign. This enables you to select specific time ranges in a week or month to deliver your campaign.
Hourly Cap Settings
You are able to manage the visits to your advertisement hourly, in order to evenly obtain stability in your performance results. You can update the hourly cap at anytime, anywhere, and decide the number of advertisment impressions to be seen hourly.
Category Targeting
You can deliver your advertisement to audiences who are interested in the same categories as your services/products. Category Targeting offers over fifteen category combinations and targets your campaigns specifically to the selected categories.
Contextual and Behavior Targeting
You can maximize your advertising budget by targeting your ads to the corresponding audiences. Contextual Technology has the ability to determine audiences browsing interest and drive your campaigns to the audiences who are interested into your services/products. Utilizing the Pixel Tracking & Optimization feature, our system understands the behavior of your target audiences. It will enhance the value of your campaign and reduce the cost per acquisition.


InfinityAds is the targeted internet advertising services for CPV pop under advertisement. Our goal is to provide advertisers and publishers with more control of advertising in the new age.


Make your advertising dollars do more for you. True global reach. Premium Service for all advertisers. Publisher OnDemand system for best match placement. We speak your language, literally!


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