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Infinityads offers the best popunder advertising to help you earn more from your traffic than any other publisher ad networks. We specialize in monetizing popunder traffic by providing you full page popunder advertisements that ensures you profit from every view.


A type of advertisement that is automatically displayed in a second smaller browser window upon loading or unloading a normal web page. Pop up advertisements tend to cost advertisers more since their visibility is higher but are often considered annoying by web site visitors since they are considered obtrusive.

A pop-up is more obtrusive as it covers other windows, particularly the window that the user is trying to read. Pop-ups ads are used extensively in advertising on the Web, though advertising is not the only application for pop-up windows. The pop-up window containing an advertisement is usually generated by JavaScript, but can be generated by other means as well.

Many of the major online advertising networks now also offer pop ups and pop unders. These alternatives pay more than traditional 468×60 banner ads – usually between US$2 – $4 CPM, but weigh your decision in using pop up ads carefully. Pop ups are not the best way to make friends on the Internet. Some banner networks now have the delivery of popup ads down to a fine art. They load quickly and your visitor is only presented with a popup ad once per visit – some networks allow you to specify that the particular visitor only sees the pop unders once every few days. You can find out more information in

Pop-Under Ad Formats

Landing Page Pop-Under
Landing Page Pop-Unders display your Website or landing page in a full-page browser window. All you need to provide is the URL for your Website or landing. Our technology matches your selected keywords with what the consumer is searching for or viewing and instantly delivers them directly to your Website in a Pop-Under.

Graphic Image Pop-Under
Graphic Image Pop-Unders are image-based ads that appear in a Pop-Under window. The ad includes a JPG or GIF image and a click-through URL (URL to the landing page or Website that your ad links to).

Graphic Redirect Pop-Under
Graphic Redirect Pop-Unders allow you to display a wide variety of ad formats in a Pop-Under window. You provide JavaScript, HTML, Flash or a similar type of ad code to display an ad that you are hosting.

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