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Infinityads offers the best popunder advertising to help you earn more from your traffic than any other publisher ad networks. We specialize in monetizing popunder traffic by providing you full page popunder advertisements that ensures you profit from every view.

PayPopUp – Targeted Internet Advertising Service

Paypopup is a website for both publisher and advertiser. Every publisher can earn by displaying pop-under advertising, PopIn Layer Ads or various sizes of In-page Banner Advertisements. The pay rates are based on the website visitors country which is ranging from 0.35$/1000 visitors to 1.8$/1000 visitors and you should not not worry about the country because the visitors country is automatically detected and you get paid for the same. Once you become a publisher you need to visit the Sites section to first add your websites in the account and wait for upto 72 hours to get approval.

Advertisers can also earn from it. They can earn traffic by applying through the advertiser’s paypopup program. Advertisers focusing on marketing strategies scopes like site-specific targeting, geographic, or run-of-network campaigns targeted can get the right help from paypopup. Paypop currently gets almost 600 million visitors, alongside with Yesup network, through Pop-under advertising, Contextual Advertising, PPC Search Engine Marketing, Banner Advertising and Layer Ads which enlisted them in the top 200 most trafficked website in Alexa global rankings.

The ad format used by PayPopUp is slightly different than the ones used by most ad networks. PayPopUp allows publishers to choose to have the ad open on either page load or page exit. Once the ad is loaded, it sits in the system tray for a period of time (the publisher can choose anywhere from one second to eight minutes) before popping the ad.

The minimum payout is $50, and the payments are sent twice a month – just like paychecks, on the 15th and 30th – as long as your balance for the previous period is sufficient. Note that this publisher is located in Canada, and even though you can elect to get paid in US dollars, your bank may still charge you money for processing each check (something to do with a different routing system). If that is the case you may want to increase the minimum payout to minimize the cost incurred.

Overall it’s a great program that will mostly benefit webmasters who serve multiple popup ads. If you limit your popups to one per session, you will do better with programs like Paypopup, which pay you a higher CPM rate, but only count unique visitors.

PayPopUp Targeted Internet Advertising Service

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