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Infinityads offers the best popunder advertising to help you earn more from your traffic than any other publisher ad networks. We specialize in monetizing popunder traffic by providing you full page popunder advertisements that ensures you profit from every view.

Clicksor – Online Contextual Ad Network

Clicksor is one of the most popular advertisement networks available for free on the internet. Allowing you few unique ad types and features that you can use on your web sites or blogs completely for free, and earn money for every click you create through this service. Allowing you to earn through inline text ads, contextual ads (banner and text) and more.

Online Advertising Programs

Contextual Advertising is also known as content-targeted advertising, which means that your advertisement is shown on a Web site that is ‘in context’ to your specific product or service. This advertising technology works by publishing your text or rich media advertisement on the relevant affiliated Web sites that best match your selected targeted keywords or channels.

Earn More Revenue From Your Website

Clicksor offers webmasters the opportunity to earn more income by simply underlining a selection of clickable text (inline text links) or displaying targeted contextual ads (various sizes of banners) on their Web sites or blogs. You are able to choose the type of advertisements to be shown on your Web site at a cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and cost per visit (CPV) earnings metrics. You can earn up to 60% revenue share, depending on the performance the advertisers attain from your Web site placements.

Clicksor Ad Types

Clicksor allows you to earn money by many quality and unique advertisements on your web site. Including support for:

* Inline Text Links – These ads only appear when the mouse pointer is moved over certain words and is perfectly relevant to the content.
* Text Banners – Usual contextual text based banners. Most popular ad type today. Including most popular advertisement dimensions and types. Displays relevant contents in your advertisements.
* Rich Media Banners – Rich media banners provide you with a way to present additional content and interaction within traditional ad sizes. With the technologies now available, rich media banners offer a great deal of flexibility and creative latitude in banner design.
* Graphic Banners – Pictures are worth more than a thousand words, and this is the case with graphical banners it has to be eye-catchy enough to draw the attention of the visitors.
* Pop Under – When a user visit one of website with popunder advertisements, the popunder will opens up in a new browser window hidden under the user’s current browser.
* Full Page Ads – This is an advertising page that is inserted in the normal flow of editorial content structure on a Web site for the purpose of advertising or promotion. Interstitial messages, like TV commercials make viewers a captive of the message.

Payment Process

All payments are made bi-weekly, usually on the 1st and 15th of each month. Once you reach the minimum payout amount, you need to allow at least fifteen working days for payment to be issued. During this period, detail auditing on the account will be completed to ensure earnings are generated from qualified traffic. You may select to receive your payments by check or Paypal with a minimum payout of $50. Revenue totaling less than the minimum payout amount will be rolled into the following period. Support for checks, this service is available internationally.

Clicksor Online Contextual Ad Network

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