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Infinityads offers the best popunder advertising to help you earn more from your traffic than any other publisher ad networks. We specialize in monetizing popunder traffic by providing you full page popunder advertisements that ensures you profit from every view.

AdOnion – Online Advertising MarketPlace

AdOnion is an online transparent advertising marketplace where advertisers and publishers unite. There’s no more secret when advertising with AdOnion as the full control has been given over to the site’s respective advertisers and publishers. In addition, new ad formats such as interstitial and expandable banners have been added along with traditional ad formats such as popunders, graphical banners and text banners. As an advertiser, you are able to review the website to ensure it matches with your target audiences before you make the purchase. You are able to upload your advertisements to the system and have publishers contact you if they are interested in running the advertisement. Advertisers can also purchase packages from our ad marketplace; these packages can be targeted by countries, categories and keywords. It also lets you set a daily spending limit on the campaign and provide you a frequency cap of 7 days. As a publisher you will have full control over the type of advertisements you accept onto your website. In addition, you can preview advertisers and send them requests to run their ads on your site making the communication both ways and earning you more revenue. AdOnion also provides you with easy implementation of third party’s network ad into the ad zone, so you can only increase your earnings.

‘Businesses’ who takes a sufficient amount of time to search for appropriate placements for their advertising needs and thus the profit is minimize compared to the time allocated to finding these sources to place their ads.

‘Ad Agencies’ then developed to help businesses to place advertising, and businesses started to outsource their advertising to these agencies. As the agencies will have their distribution channels to place the ads, businesses are often paying going through another layer in the distribution channel so the cost of placing their advertising increase but the time is significantly reduced and their profit wouldn’t be as high.

‘Ad Networks’ then developed and there’s a place for business to easily go to one place for tier 1 advertising. This will decrease the time they need for placing ads and the cost but there might be issues such as where their ads are placed, discrepancies and conversions.

‘Traditional Advertising Marketplace’ a place where publishers are able to list their ad zones and their desire rates which are definitely less expensive and the advertisers knowing where their ads are placed are reaching their audiences better thus making a larger profit margin in lesser time.

‘AdOnion’ the new generation of transparent advertising marketplaces to help all the clients both advertisers and publishers to make the most out of both world with new features is bringing on a truly transparent marketplace attracting both advertisers and publishers.

AdOnion Online Advertising MarketPlace

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